2018 All Star Challenge

15th Annual Match,

Hosted by Windy City at Di's Den

About All Star Challenge: The best shooters from Chicago's two rival dart leagues play a best-of-36 format for a traveling trophy and a year of bragging rights.
Players from both leagues earn their position on these teams by winning at "qualifier events" held during the year. Southside Dart League qualifies players from competition in the Southside Cup and summer Luck-of-the-Draw.

Windy City Darters
Southside Dart League
Tungsten 3 6
Nickel 6 3
Brass 2 7
Women 9 0
Cumulative 20 16

Southside Brass Team

Mike Wragg, Dingers

Anthony Cuchetto, Rosa's

Keith Wood, Blackthorn

Liam O'Connell, Blackthorn

John Granville, O'Rourkes


Southside Nickel Team

Charlie Dispensa, Rosa's

Lou Gain, Double Play

David Loepke, Double Play

Billy Downs, Blackthorn

Ryan Galvin, Blackthorn

Southside Tungsten Team

Ron Johnson, Double Play

Simon Theodule, Double Play

Sonny Loepke, Double Play

Kevin Jinkensen, Double Play

Mike Copeland, Double Play

Southside Women's Team

Sharon Huffman, Brewbakers

Carolyn Nasadowski, JP Shortstops

Margie Heintz, Brewbakers

Tammy Reeves, Cullen's

Dee Sroka, O'Rourkes

Karen Huffman, Brewbakers



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